Internationalization Support

Companies from multiple industrial sectors, such as, ceramics, glass, mold making industry, plastics, and others that recently emerged, located in our geographic area, have a strong export presence. These companies can count on the full support of NERLEI to ensure the fulfilment of their internationalization processes. 

Under the motto “On the Route of New Discoveries”, NERLEI’s International Department aims to encourage and support companies of our region to approach international markets.

NERLEI’s International Department provides the following services:

    • International trade Fairs (joint participations) 
    • Business Missions (joint participations) 
    • Certificates of Origin 
    • Assessment of internalization processes 
    • Selection of priority markets
    • Qualified databases creation
    • International Marketing Plan
    • Outsourcing the management of a market
    • International Procurement
    • Promotion of international networking
    • International information source
    • Organisation of individual trade missions to foreign markets. This service makes available to companies the organisation of individual visits to foreign markets. These actions will be developed from an individual context and upon the specific request of the company.
    • Organisation of individual participation in international trade Fairs. This service covers all the necessary stages related to the participation in an international trade Fair (space rental for the exhibition, contact with the stand suppliers, travel and accommodation, marketing, etc.