Center of Portugal - The Region

The District of Leiria comprises 16 Municipalities and it is a transition area between the North and the South of the country. The high north of the District establishes the equidistance between Oporto and Lisbon, which means that almost all its territory is closer to Lisbon, whose influence receives more significantly.

The District covers a geographical area of almost 4,000 square kilometres and it represents approximately 5 percent of both the territory and the national population. However, this indicator has an importance that goes beyond the whole national proportion, as far as socioeconomic importance, entrepreneurial dynamism, and capacity for innovation are concerned 

The District of Leiria has an industrial tradition, in some cases centuries-old tradition, based on the principle of enhancement natural resources and, at the same time, benefiting from them.
This tradition has evolved into other technologically advanced activities, but in most of the cases, directly correlated with the former industries.
Today, the existing industrial network is one of the most diverse and up to date in the country, having relevant national level, the following productions: decorative and utilitarian ceramics, cement, plastics, moulds, wood processing and furniture, glass container and glassware manufacturing.
There are, however, other regional activities worth mentioning, particularly, extractive, fishing and livestock industries.

In Leiria District you will find a huge touristic potential, thanks to its humanized landscape, mild climate and a territory steeped in tourist sites to visit. Here, you may visit two UNESCO’s world heritage monuments - Alcobaça Monastery and Batalha Monastery - not to mention several medieval castles and churches full of art and history. In addition, the breath-taking coastline of center of Portugal, with its beautiful beaches, and nature tourism, represent an important tourist attraction to the District.

In other to be considered a unique space of economic progress, and to be able to offer considerable benefits to productive investment, Leiria District must count on its valuable natural resources, skilled human resources, outstanding dynamism and entrepreneurship, which was proved long ago.
Furthermore, this region is also known, on the one hand, for its openness to technological innovation and world markets, and on the other hand, benefits from a strategic geographical location and good accesses. 

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